homework day

I am working on a master’s degree in math, taking only two classes per semester since I’m working full time. Interestingly, this program schedules the classes for 75 minutes, twice per week, rather than having one long class each week. I probably retain the information better this way, but it makes working on homework through the week problematic. Mondays and Wednesdays, I work and then take my class from 5 to 6:15, and then go home tired and not really wanting to hit the books.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get home from work around 5:30, eat dinner, and then have class from 7 to 8:15; that brief period between dinner and class doesn’t seem like enough time to get into homework in any meaningful way.  But I need to come up with a more effective way to spend 30 to 45 minutes each evening on schoolwork, even if it is reviewing my lecture notes against the textbook or something like that.

All of this means that Saturday is Homework Day for me. Kristin and I usually start the day by having an in-the-car picnic breakfast at a pretty little park, doing a little Pokemon-hunting, and then heading to my favorite library a couple blocks away. I’ll work until lunchtime; after lunch, I settle in to the couch to do more homework during the afternoon football games. It’s been a good rhythm, and even though I tend to dive completely into the work, I try to come up for air and spend some time with Kristin so that she knows I love her more than I love math.

Today, Kristin is at a conference, so it’s been an all-on-my-own Homework Day.  My Lyft to the library took me through the sbux drive-through, so I had coffee and pastry as I started homework. I got most of the way through it before getting another Lyft to a Panera, where I could have lunch while camping out on their wifi. Just finished the numerical analysis assignment (Euler’s Method – yay!), so now it’s on to my statistical modeling homework (ANOVA and corrections and contrasts – yay!)… and then a project in each class.

The mathing has gone pretty well for me today, so I’ve felt great. It feels like I’m starting to really get my feet under me this semester, and I feel a lot less out of control. This is good, because work is about to get insanely busy.

So that’s Homework Saturday. Nothing exceptional, just a sunny day, lots of mathing, and a great mood.