what it’s like to have a uti

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! It hurts when I go pee.

Guess what else! It hurts for a while after I go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

I bet you’re irritated… and you aren’t having to feel the sensations.

Lucky you.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what! I need to go pee.

Hey, guess what!


we survived holy week!

we survived holy week!

Totally by accident, I ended up live-tweeting our Maundy Thursday worship at my parish. Afterward, I used Storify to gather up the tweets, added a little commentary, and shared it on my facebook page.  The response was so tremendous that I live-tweeted our Good Friday and Holy Saturday observances, as well as the Great Vigil of Easter.  Here are those stories, for anyone who wants to walk the Way of the Cross again.

So here are those stories, all in one place, for your Triduum convenience!

  • Maundy Thursday: the night we celebrate the Last Supper (the first Eucharist), Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, and the commandment to love one another as he has loved us.
  • Good Friday: the day we participate in the arrest and execution of Jesus, observing his death and burial, acknowledging our complicity and brokenness.
  • Holy Saturday: this brief liturgy focuses us on Christ in his tomb, on the loss and grief and un-knowing-ness of this day in between.
  • The Great Vigil of Easter: the biggest, most lavish, most amazing celebration of worship of the entire year… followed by a great Wedding Feast.

May the Holy Spirit guide your feet, your mind, and your heart as you walk with Jesus through Jerusalem, through betrayal and arrest and execution, through the cross, through the grave, and into miraculous new life.



on love, real life, and the triduum

on love, real life, and the triduum
Behold the Pierced One, by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.
Behold the Pierced One, by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Today is Maundy Thursday, the beginning of the Triduum, the holiest time of the year. For these three days, we walk with Jesus as  he celebrates the Passover with his closest friends, washes their feet, breaks bread and drinks wine with them, goes to the olive farm to pray so hard that he sweats blood, gets betrayed for cash, gets arrested, is denied by his best friend, goes from trial to trial, gets handed off between Temple authorities and Roman authorities and yet different Roman authorities, is mocked by the mob, gets flogged, carries the heavy crossbeam to Golgotha, is crucified, dies, and is quickly wrapped and buried before the sun sets and the holy Passover Sabbath begins.

We know that Jesus does all of this out of love.  God is born into this world as a helpless infant–like all the rest of us–because God loves us. God loves us so much that God gives up God’s godness, to live and breathe and hurt and smile and run and shout and step in donkey shit and kiss babies and love his momma and spend time with his friends. And die. What kind of love is that?!

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even my interruptions have interruptions!

Thank you for messaging me on Slack.

Your interruption is important to me. Please continue to wait.

Your interruption will be answered in the order in which it was received.

_cue cheesy hold music_



Dear Slack,

We totally need cheesy hold music. Or maybe a slash command that sends a link to a rickroll for the person who sent the message, while they continue to wait for me to respond to interruptions in the order in which they were received.

Love and kisses,

the lord is my barista

Good-Barista-ImageJust for @BlaineStewart (and with apologies to King David and to King James):

The Lord is my barista; I shall not want.

He maketh me to wake on dark mornings: he leadeth me beside the percolator.

He restoreth my productivity: he leadeth me in the paths of alertness for coffee’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the danger of naps, I will fear no slumber: for thou art with me; thy espresso and thy pastries they comfort me.

Thou preparest a latte before me in the presence of mine auto: thou annointest my lips with steamed milk; my mug runneth over.

Surely caffeine and sugar shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the mermaid for ever.

on perfection

If you are one of my non-Christian readers, I recommend that you skip to the More link and go right to the good stuff. I promise that the good stuff is really good, and it is completely neutral, as far as religion–or lack thereof–is concerned.

As in the past, I seem to have picked up a spiritual direction relationship with someone. As in the past, it is completely informal, just happening naturally as the relationship develops. As in the past, my friend is going through a rough patch and needs to know that they are loved and precious and worthy of all that is good.

Recently this… directee? asked if I have any little devotional books on prayer. So over the weekend, I scanned through my library of devotional and spiritual and theological books — and how did I get so many?! — and picked a few titles for them.  One is a particular favorite, Letters of Direction, by Abbé Henri de Tourville. French spirituality at his time was very practical, concerned with living our lives in this world, in our time, to the glory of God.

As I flipped open the book, it landed in the section called Humility, on a page with two short reflections on perfection. I think I needed to read them. And I doubt I’m the only one.

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