Pride 2019

God the Father was there
in the earth she created
the sun on this summer day,
solstice, the river warm,
all the bright people,
the old and the young.

The wind blowing through the flags
making the rainbows dance,
breezes a-skimming the shining blue water,
we felt her surrounding us,
sweet Holy Spirit
this day in the park.

Of course we met Jesus
our brother, our savior,
we met him in old ones,
in young ones,
in scared ones,
in jubilant celebrants
of who we are.

But mostly, we felt him
embracing us warmly,
holding us graciously
telling us we are loved
we are glorious
we are cared for
we are precious
we are perfect
who we are is all that matters
being us, being seen, being proud.
Jesus found us
in the arms of the women
wearing shirts that said

All around us, we found God
in the park, on this solstice
with the people, by the river
in the welcome, with the warmth
in the love, in the love, in the love.

Photo: Living Local by WAVY. “Pride on the Peninsula” event at Carousel Park in Hampton in 2018. WAVY Photo, Taylor O’Bier

shout-out to calca

A man makes a smug expression, lifts his eyebrows, and nods

On my last homework, I started using Calca rather than a vanilla calculator. It’s nice to have the calculation history through a problem; I mean, most scientific calculators don’t have a “tape” you can look back on easily.

This morning I learned that Calca knows the quadratic formula, which is nice when I’m dealing with ugly equations I need to find the roots of.

nerd thoughts

In tonight’s lecture on time series analysis, my brain keeps seeing capital-phi

Capital letter Phi from the Greek alphabet

and interpreting it as the Deathly Hallows symbol.

The Deathly Hallows symbol: an equilateral triangle, with a circle inscribed, and a vertical line from the top to the bottom.

That’s all. Nothing earth-shaking tonight, just nerd thoughts.

Linear regression models

I’m studying linear regression (and time series analysis) this term, so naturally the graphics will feature these topics. As always, these are licensed via Creative Commons for non-commercial use.

6 steps to a linear regression model
1. Identify outliers
2. Find multicollinearity
3. Find and assess models
4. Assess predictive power of the models
5. Analyze residuals
6. Write the report
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6 steps to a linear regression model by Heather Rollins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

statistics is beautiful #6

Last semester, in my Statistical Modeling class, we studied a whole pile of hypothesis tests and confidence intervals.  After a few, I realized that they all took a very similar form.  The note-taking sheet below (PDF download here) lays out blocks for left-tailed test, right-tailed test, two-tailed test, and the confidence interval, with spaces to fill in the parts of the  hypothesis test as described in an earlier stats is beautiful post.

As always, this page is Creative Commons licensed, asking for attribution to Heather Rollins or to this blog’s URL for non-commercial use.  For commercial use, send me an email first. Thank you, and enjoy!


statistics is/are beautiful #5

I can’t really lay claim to this one. A student in my Design & Analysis of Experiments class gave this answer tonight. I’ll have to ask my professor who it was, so that appropriate credit can be given.  🙂


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.