going on walkabout

I know I haven’t been posting a lot here lately.  The fact of the matter is, I’m not quite sure what this blog is for me right now.  I started it as Practicing Intentional Gratitude, back in early 2007 when my life was filled with suckitude.  I needed a place to be intentional about finding the things I was grateful for and expressing that.  Gratitude is the antidote to despair, and I didn’t want to land in despair again.

This deepened over time, of course, and I wrote a lot about discerning the next steps in my journey.  I spent months proving to myself that I could engage with the scripture appointed in the eucharistic lectionary for each Sunday, that I could engage in some exegesis and present a reflection that could serve as the seed for a sermon.  I wrestled with some of The Discernment Questions here.

Meanwhile, I found my physical condition deteriorating. I learned about my chronic condition, wrestled with numerous grief cycles as it affected every part of my life.  I’ve railed here about health care in the US, about social justice, and the radical hospitality, inclusiveness, and love that Jesus calls us to.

And right now… there are some major transitions happening in my life, though I don’t yet know what they are and might become.  I’ve been exercising a prophetic voice and engaging in some satire at another blog.  I’ve joined a brand new group theology blog that makes more sense to me than this blog.

So I’m going on walkabout from this space for a while.  I won’t take this blog down, and your comments will still come to me via email.  You’re welcome to email me directly (hedwyg AT gmail DOT com) or to find me on a social network.  Links in the right-hand sidebar will take you to most of the places I hang out.

Meanwhile, go forth into the world in peace.  Be of good courage.  Hold fast to that which is good.  Render to no one evil for evil.  Strengthen the faint-hearted.  Support the weak.  Honor all persons.  Love and serve God.  Rejoice in the power of the Spirit.  And may the overflowing blessings of our triune God be with you for this day, and for ever.


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